As we all know, the new year is an important time to reassess our life’s direction and reflect on what we want to achieve in the coming year. Since 2017, Dry January has become a popular way for people to challenge themselves to a healthy start to the coming year. It is a self-guided effort to abstain from drinking for the entire month of January in order to “detox” after the boozy December holidays (and for those in the US, the festivities begin during Thanksgiving in November).

Even before its popularity spike in 2017, originating in the UK, abstaining from alcohol after the holidays was a popular tradition (or goal) for many people over the years. It makes sense: a month of alcohol free living can have very real benefits for your physical and mental well being, even if you have every intention of restarting your drinking on February 1. One study from 2018 showed clearly positive results for Dry January participants:

  • “93 percent of participants reported experiencing a sense of achievement at the end of the alcohol-free month
  • 88 percent had saved the money that they would otherwise have spent on drinks
  • 82 percent of participants reported an enhanced awareness of their relationship with alcohol
  • 80 percent felt more in control of their drinking habits
  • 76 percent understood when they felt more tempted to drink and why
  • 71 percent of participants learned that they did not need alcohol to have fun
  • 71 percent said that they enjoyed a better quality of sleep
  • 70 percent reported better overall health
  • 67 percent had higher energy levels
  • 58 percent of participants lost weight
  • 57 percent reported improved concentration
  • 54 percent said that they noticed better skin health”

Taking a month-long break can help you feel better about yourself, help you save money, and motivate you to work toward other larger goals you have in your life. And with the additional energy and money gained from not drinking, achieving your resolutions for the rest of they year is much more attainable.

For me, taking a month off of drinking led me to taking another 30 days, and then 60 days turned into 90…and before I knew it I had completely changed my relationship with alcohol. Taking the space from it, learning about how it affects my body and mind, and experiencing the benefits of no booze on a daily basis convinced me that my life was just truly BETTER without alcohol. And I never could have believed this had I not taken that first 30 day break.

I’m writing about this because, as you may or may not know, I am a certified coach helping other people reevaluate their relationship to alcohol. Through individual and group coaching, I offer support and accountability for those who have decided alcohol is no longer serving them.

I have just launched a Dry January 2020 FREE live coaching program, and if you have gotten this far into the post, I invite YOU to join me.

What do you think about committing to a month of alcohol-free living?

Does the idea strike fear in your heart?

Does it excite you?

Do you think you could do it?

I never thought I could, until I did. And it was WAY easier than I expected, and MUCH more rewarding than any month that I had spent as a daily drinker.

What could you achieve if you weren’t spending time, money, and energy on drinking alcohol? Would your goals for 2020 seem a bit more in reach?

I invite you to find out

Starting January 1, for the entire month, I will provide weekly group coaching calls to all group members. We will explore the Who, What, Where, When, and Why of your relationship to alcohol. Throughout the month I will help you dig deeper into why you drink, what alcohol does for you, and what it feels like to be free from an unhelpful habit.

You will have access to me and the group for accountability, support, shared successes, and commiseration (because to be honest, sometimes not drinking is HARD). Between calls I will be posting live coaching tools and tactics to make sure you have every bit of support you need to reach the end of the month not only alcohol free, but having gained greater knowledge, wisdom, and insight into what you want for your life moving forward.

The group will end January 31, but the lessons you take with you will last forever, and they will bolster all the other goals you make for the rest of your year. I promise you that.

It is very hard to put a price on the value of clarity, health, and sobriety, so I have made this program totally free. I only ask in return that you engage, participate, support group members, and bring your 100% effort to the month.

If you’re ready to sign up and make this the best New Year’s gift to yourself, click here to join the group.

Once you’re there, you can direct message me or email me with any questions you might have.

Let’s make this the best year yet, shall we?

Join Dry January 2020 HERE.

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