Discover the inner peace of alcohol-free living

Personal Coaching for spiritual women led astray by alcohol

Discover the inner peace of alcohol-free living

Personal Coaching for spiritual women led astray by alcohol

Find Your Inspired Life

If you’re here, you’re probably feeling disconnected from yourself.  Perhaps you don’t recognize the dull, uninspired, and directionless person you see in the mirror.

You eat healthy, you exercise, you try to meditate, do yoga, even pray sometimes.  But you still wake up each morning feeling uninspired and empty, wondering what you’re missing.

Despite doing all the “things” you’re supposed to do, you know you are not living aligned with your values.  You might even feel a lost connection with your intuition and spiritual life.

And you have a feeling your nightly drinking habit is part of the problem.  But you don’t know where to start making things right again.

What you secretly want most is an inspired Spirit-led life. To live aligned with your values. To live your purpose every day. To feel that your life has a deeper meaning. To not feel controlled by alcohol, or trapped by it.

You’re an Intelligent, Intuitive, and Spiritual Woman.


You want to be inspired, to express your creativity, to live with purpose, to connect to your spirituality, but alcohol keeps you living small, it keeps you trapped, and it is dulling that creative spark within you.


You’re tired of waking up and feeling dull and lifeless.  You want to return to that time you felt energy and excitement for your day, but you’re unsure how to get unstuck and move forward with purpose. 


You keep telling yourself you need to reduce your drinking, start controlling your alcohol, get a handle on your drinking, set some life goals, tap back into your creative side, but you don’t know where to start.


You feel so tired of this never ending cycle of drinking and quitting, making promises to yourself, and then breaking those promises, time and again.


You’d love to just wake up and no longer want to drink, so you can feel that creative spark again without sacrificing the relaxation, fun, and comfort that your nightly glass of wine gives you.

Hi There! I’m Cash.

I’m so glad you’re here.

I know what it’s like to feel like you’ve lost the connection with your inner spirit and purpose.  I went from being a listless, dull daily drinker, dependent on my nightly wine to bring me joy, to a spiritually-driven woman who sees her path, listens to her inner wisdom, and acts with purpose and inspiration.

For so long, I believed that alcohol was the source of peace, joy, and creativity.  I no longer found inspiration or magic in daily life.  I felt dull, directionless, and drained by my nightly drinking habit.

Since 2019, I have helped creative, spiritual women reclaim a purposeful, inspired life free from alcohol.  As a Certified This Naked Mind coach, trained therapist, and lifetime spiritual practitioner, I show women the connection between their limiting beliefs, uncomfortable emotions, and harmful behaviors.

When we work together, you can expect to:


Understand the cycle of beliefs, emotions, and actions that drive your drinking, and end your life-long patterns of self-sabotage.


Develop tools to overcome limiting beliefs, manage painful emotions, and repattern your daily habits. Through this, you will redesign your life and free yourself from your desire to drink alcohol.


Reconnect with your Spirit by developing a personalized spiritual practice. Reawaken your inner life, tap into your intuition, and spark your inspiration.


Awaken energy, purpose, joy, and peace in your life.

By integrating the tools of psychology, spirituality, and ancient wisdom, I help intelligent and spiritual women take control of their minds and elevate the voice of their Higher Self.

Through this process, I guide them down the path of rediscovering their values, listening deeply to their intuition, and reconnecting with their Divine spark.

I can’t wait to help you free yourself from alcohol and reconnect with your own inner Spirit.

My Approach

Drawing from science, psychology, and spirituality, I take a holistic approach to help you understand your deepest self – body, mind, and soul.

We work to understand your thought patterns, limiting beliefs, automated behaviors, emotional and spiritual needs, and how each of those drives your drinking habit.

Through psychological investigation, we dig deep to uncover your own methods of self-sabotage – and through that, to illuminate your own personal growth journey.


I am forever grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Clear Heart Coaching. I’m grateful I took a chance on myself. If I hadn’t, I would never have known what my life could be like without alcohol constantly clouding it.

You will never know how good your life could be without alcohol until you try. You owe it to yourself and your health to give it a shot. You’re worth it.


Begin Your Journey

We’ll work together in my signature Intuitive Power Program over 12 one-hour sessions so you can identify your conscious and unconscious drives, uncover limiting beliefs, and rewire your thought-feel-act cycle to fully reclaim your inspired life. 

You will walk away with a plan to put your unhelpful habits behind you and live aligned with your deepest values and desires.

Schedule Your Call

We’ll discuss your goals, what you’re looking for in coaching, and see if we are the right fit for each other.

Begin Weekly Coaching

We’ll meet weekly over video call where you will receive private coaching totally focused on you, your needs, desires, and challenges.  Each week we discuss your progress, revisit your goals, and realign with your vision.

Design A Long Term Plan

At the end of our coaching relationship, we design an individualized plan for your ongoing success, so you walk away knowing exactly what you need to do to maintain the progress you made in coaching.

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