Exploration Coaching Call

When I first began on this path to a life free from the control of alcohol, I felt lost. I could count the number of people I knew who were living alcohol-free on ONE hand. My heart knew I needed to follow someone who had already discovered their own path. Annie Grace’s books, blog, and coaching videos led me to my first few tremulous steps. From there, I was able to branch off, find inspiration in other places, and blaze my own trail.

I tell you this to explain why Clear Heart Coaching exists. I am here to be your guide, at whatever part of the journey you are on, whether you are just taking your first steps into an alcohol-free life, or even just starting to question your relationship to alcohol. Or perhaps you’ve already made the decision and have been living alcohol-free on your own…but you realize you could be stronger with some support.

I invite you to introduce yourself to me. Tell me a bit about yourself. Ask me some questions and get to know me, too. Through a 30-60 minute Breakthrough Call we can decide if we are a good fit for working together, for walking this path together at this time in your life.

Fill out the form below to set up your free consultation call with a certified coach who has walked the path of discovering a life free from the trap of alcohol. Let’s see what we can do together.