Who Am I?

Clear Heart Coaching guides young professionals and parents to lead healthy and vibrant lives free from the trap of alcohol by helping them live a life they are proud of, that is in line with their values, beliefs, and dreams for their future.

As your coach, I work with you directly through in-person and online sessions, offering flexible meeting times, individualized vision planning, and most importantly, authentic and compassionate coaching. I am a Certified Coach with This Naked Mind Institute, which is based on the approach and model of Annie Grace’s The Alcohol Experiment and This Naked Mind.  I am also a mom, non-profit manager, trained therapist, and social worker.  I bring all of these experiences into coaching. You can read more about my journey to freedom from alcohol here.

Please read more about the coaching programs available. They are flexible and customizable so that they can meet you where you are in your journey. I offer a complimentary Exploration Call to all new and potential clients as an opportunity to learn more about one another and explore whether we can be a good fit working together. 

Who Are You?

I work with people who are willing to explore their relationship with alcohol, who are curious about sobriety or moderation and are open to experimenting with life beyond alcohol. I support people in their journey to discover the ways they can make alcohol small and irrelevant in their lives so that they can make room for the things that truly drive them, empower them, and give them life.  

Why Do I Do This Work?

  • We are trapped by our habits
  • Each one of us is capable of experiencing freedom, beauty, and peace once we are free from alcohol
  • Our true nature is whole, perfect, and complete
  • There is SO much opportunity for distraction away from our true nature
  • Alcohol and other substances disable our brain and sever us from our inborn connection to our divine source, our divine nature
  • We are all seeking connection – to others, to ourselves
  • There is so much beauty in this life.  It is so simple, yet we complicate it
  • Alcohol keeps us lost from our path, blind to the beautiful, profound simplicity of life
  • Freeing yourself from alcohol empowers you to find yourself again. To reconnect with your whole, your divine source
  • I have experienced the miracle of finding freedom from alcohol, and I am capable of guiding others along this path.  I believe in this model
  • Consciously living alcohol-free is both a return to our roots and the beginning of a new era of consciousness for humanity.  Sobering up to the beauty and pain of life, decluttering the distractions, reconnecting to our source – this is the path to freedom
  • Those of us who are choosing an alcohol-free life are at the forefront of a movement, and we are changing the way the world relates to alcohol

Clear Heart Coaching Values

  • Creativity
  • Compassion
  • Connection
  • Lived Experience
  • Non-judgment
  • Exploration and curiosity
  • Honesty and transparency
  • Spiritual connection
  • Belief in each person’s ability and right to make their own decisions
  • Bravery and courage
  • Mindfulness and intentionality
  • Belief in the beauty of having a clear head and heart, living in self-congruence
  • Freedom from addictive substances and destructive habits

Clear Heart Coaching is…

  • Hopeful
  • An early adopter, in the minority
  • Curious 
  • Excited
  • Courageous
  • Humble
  • Strong
  • Independent 
  • Motivated by love 

Clear Heart Coaching is NOT…

  • Judgmental
  • Self-righteous 
  • Preachy
  • Us versus Them
  • Tea Totallers
  • Your mother’s sobriety

Client Testimonial

“Is My Drinking Normal?”…That’s what the flier said, advertising for Cash’s Coaching. I walked past it 4 times before I finally wrote the website down. I often wondered to myself if my drinking was normal. I felt pretty out of control and frankly embarrassed that I spent every single night hidden in my room polishing off a bottle of wine. I’m a successful, healthy, productive professional on the outside, why was this one thing so hard for me to turn down or say no to? I was sick of being hungover, constantly tired and struggling to meet my fitness goals, even though I was exercising regularly.

I decided to start working with Cash and committed to going 30 days dry. I’ve done dry January before but “white knuckled” it and suffered through the pangs of willpower. When I first started, it was really hard to admit all the reasons I felt drinking was no longer serving me. Cash was patient and completely non-judgemental and I felt like she saw me and really understood where I was coming from. I couldn’t imagine what we were going to talk about for 6 weeks, but Cash laid out simple exercises to help me stay focused on small things to achieve each week. The book we read was super helpful and also helped me to keep notes for myself and things I wanted to discuss during our coaching session each week. Cash helped me untangle my thoughts about drinking and to helped me focus on why I made this goal in the first place. Her process and insight was instrumental to my success.

I never set out to never drink again, I set out to moderate my drinking better, to drink less frequently. Over the course of the 6 weeks, my idea of moderation shifted dramatically. I could barely imagine a day without drinking, and now I can’t imagine drinking every day. At the end of 30 days, I felt so good I decided to continue on. I’ve now gone 68 days alcohol free. I’ve lost 14 pounds, I’m sleeping better, my resting heart rate has gone way down. More importantly, my relationships have shifted for the better. The time I spend with friends and family is more intentional, more present, more valuable.  

I am forever grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Clear Heart Coaching. I’m grateful I took a chance on myself. If I hadn’t, I would never have known what my life could be like without alcohol constantly clouding it. You will never know how good your life could be without alcohol, until you try. You owe it to yourself and your health to give it a shot. You’re worth it.

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