An Inspired, Spirit-Driven Life Awaits Each of Us.



What’s keeping you from walking your Divine path?

Are you feeling trapped by your drinking habit?  Is alcohol just one of many stumbling blocks your see along your journey of life? What is getting in the way of you living the life you dream of?

Or perhaps you have already left alcohol behind but you’re still searching for the joy and inspiration you expected to feel on the other side of alcohol.

You may have removed alcohol, but what have you put in its place?  What is next for you on this alcohol-free journey?

Spiritual coaching helps you answer these questions.

Through a process of compassionate self-inquiry, and experimentation, we will create a plan to help you overcome these patterns of self-sabotage and design the purposeful, spirit-driven life you were meant to live.

Does this sound familiar:


I wake up tired, dull, uninspired


I feel purposeless and directionless


I’m disconnected from my higher Self


I lost my faith in God, Spirit, the Universe


I am using alcohol to numb painful emotions


I’m here but not present with my loved ones


I have everything I need but something is missing


I don’t see the wonder and beauty in life anymore


I know I can feel more fulfilled in life but I feel stuck


I used to see the beauty and magic of the universe all around me, but I no longer do


I know alcohol is bad for me but I can’t stop drinking, I am afraid of what life will be like without it


People are living alive, happy, and content. That life feels out of reach.

You know that by not taking this step, by not committing to yourself, you will continue to use alcohol to escape these feelings of disconnect and powerlessness.

Alcohol will continue to be your go-to tool to help you forget that you aren’t living in line with your values, that you aren’t living your fullest potential, and that there is a bigger, more wondrous life out there, waiting for you to wake up and claim it.

Here’s the good news…

You will find joy, purpose, and peace when you leave alcohol behind.

Wake up each morning feeling inspired and joyful

Rediscover the joy, awe, and curiosity that fuels an inspired life.

Life isn’t about attaining “happiness.”  It’s about being awake and alive to the FULL range of human emotion.  Alcohol steals our ability to experience this – it numbs us from all of the emotions we are born to feel, and it makes false promises about providing fun, happiness, and connection. 

If you’re here reading this, then you have learned that alcohol is the thief of joy, of the power you have to decide how you experience life. 

Imagine your life beyond alcohol:


I have so much energy 


I know my Higher Self


I am in touch with my intuition


I am in touch with my spiritual side


I know my values and I live by them


I can access my natural creativity again


I am not trapped by my drinking habit


I feel inspired and joyful when I wake up each morning


I feel gratitude, peace, and contentment with my life


I feel connected to the universe and the people around me


I treat my body and mind with compassion and love


I trust myself, I have faith in myself, and know I can accomplish my goals


I am clear headed, full-hearted, and my eyes are open to the magic of life


I am not afraid of my emotions, I do not have to hide from them or numb them with alcohol

Why Coaching?

Private coaching gives you the tools to understand the Think-Feel-Act Cycle (and other factors) that drive the habits that keep you stuck.  You’ll also get really clear on the thoughts and beliefs that hold you back from living your ideal life. 

You’ll begin to develop routines to help you live in alignment with your values.

You’re ready for coaching if you want to create long-term, lasting change and you know you need support and tools to make it happen.

Or, you’re still drinking and ready to make a permanent change to your drinking habit.

Or, you’re newly alcohol-free and you know you need some additional guidance, structure, and support to stay on this new path.


Investing in myself by hiring Cash as a coach was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Dedicating time, money, and energy, focusing on my relationship with alcohol, allowed me to make the changes necessary so that I can now live my life focused on what I want to accomplish. Alcohol is no longer a prevailing thought that gets in the way of my daily routine, interests, passions, and success.

Cash is an empathic, compassionate, and attentive coach. She encouraged me to examine my situation and challenges from a place of non-judgment and curiosity.

Her coaching style allowed me to gain insight and clarity into why I was abusing alcohol and what I needed to do to change. Her encouragement and support were priceless.


Choose Your Path

Inspiration Program

For the sober curious, this 4 week program includes:

4  Forty-Five Minute Private Virtual Coaching Sessions

Email Access Your Coach

A Customized Plan to Maintain Success

Access to Ongoing Coaching with Cash at a Special Rate

This program is for you if:

You consider yourself “Sober Curious” – you’re not sure you’re ready to be alcohol-free but you want to examine your relationship with alcohol

You sense you might feel better if alcohol played a smaller role in your life, but you don’t know how to get started

You need some tools to help you take a break from drinking

You’re curious to see what 30 days without alcohol could do for you.

Breakthrough Program

For those looking to deepen their sessions, this 6-8 week program includes:

6 One Hour Private Virtual Coaching Sessions

Email Access Your Coach

A Customized Plan to Maintain Success

Access to Ongoing Coaching with Cash at a Special Rate

This program is for you if:

You are currently drinking and are ready to commit to a 30 day break from alcohol.  You know you will be more successful with the support, accountability, and additional tools that a coach can offer.


You’re already alcohol-free and you want to figure out “What’s Next” in life.  You are passionate about being alcohol-free, but you aren’t sure how to move forward and fully embrace your new freedom.

Sober Spirit Program

For lasting change, this 3 month program includes:

12 One Hour Private Virtual Coaching Sessions

Email Access Your Coach

A Customized Plan to Maintain Success

Access to Ongoing Coaching with Cash at a Special Rate

This program is for you if:

You’re ready to make long-term, lasting change and you know you need more than 6 weeks to make that change.

You are still drinking and you are ready to make a permanent change to your drinking habit.

You are newly alcohol-free and you know you need some additional guidance, structure, and support to stay on this new path.

Programs begin at $444. Please reach out and book a call to discover which program is best for you!

Your Questions Answered:


After the first session, you will start to feel a shift.  Coaching is like holding up a mirror to yourself: you will be challenged to look honestly at your thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors through a more objective, curious lens.  You will begin to see more clearly what your limiting beliefs are, where you have competing desires and cognitive dissonance, and how you might be undermining your own progress toward your goals.  Ultimately, the results depend on you: on the work, you’re willing to do, how open you are to change and discomfort, and whether or not you believe in your own ability to create the life you want to live. 


Clear Heart Coaching is unique in a few ways.  One, I offer coaching to people who want to be completely alcohol-free as well as to those who have a goal to moderate their drinking.  I do not believe you have to be 100% abstinent to feel free from the trap of alcohol.  Secondly, my background as a therapist and as a lifelong spiritual student allows me to approach coaching with both a mind for science and for more esoteric realms where science is just now venturing (Ancient Wisdom).  By integrating these approaches into coaching, you can be confident that the work we do is both supported by science and rooted in our intuitive, felt sense of spiritual truth. 


This is a question that each person will answer differently, so there’s no one right answer here.  From my experience as a therapist and coach, I believe that therapy and coaching meet different needs in a person’s life, at different times of their life.  Therapy addresses our needs when we are below 50% of our baseline functioning.  Coaching helps us move beyond the baseline of functioning and toward our ideal life.  When we are struggling with symptoms of clinical-grade anxiety, depression, and trauma, or have chronic issues with relationship patterns, personality traits, and dysfunctional or harmful behavior – we should reach for the help of a therapist.  On the other hand, coaching is a great resource for when we are feeling “pretty good” but know that we are dealing with some limiting beliefs, we are getting in our own way toward our goals, or perhaps we don’t even know what our goals are but we know we want to change the way we are doing things.  This is where a coach can really support us.  On a final note, there’s no rule that you can’t have a therapist AND a coach at the same time! I work with many clients who also see a therapist regularly, and this set up tends to lead to even greater support and advances toward the client’s goals.



After you book your Exploration call, you will receive a confirmation email with the Zoom link.  We will meet for about 45 minutes on that scheduled day to talk about your goals, your history, your interests, what you’ve tried in the past to achieve your goals, and what you’re looking for in coaching.  I will tell you more about my approach and answer any questions you have about coaching with me.  We will then mutually decide whether we will be a good fit to work together.  If we decide to move forward, we will talk about which coaching program would be best for you.  Then, I will then send you the information you need to pay for coaching, sign your coaching agreement, and book your sessions.  Then, the work will begin!


While there are some similarities between coaching and AA/NA (a safe space to share and feel supported, discussion of goals, wins, and challenges), My coaching approach is pretty different from the abstinence-only approach of AA/NA philosophy.  AA/NA is group-oriented, peer-led, Christian-based, structured around 12 set steps, and driven by the goal of abstinence-only.  Coaching works individually with the person to identify THEIR own goals and outlines steps toward those goals that are individualized to that person.  And importantly, those steps are based on science and/or individual spiritual beliefs (for example, examining limiting beliefs, identifying your values, etc). 


I offer a payment plan for my premier Sober Spirit program only.  For this program, you have the option to pay 50% of the package cost at the time of booking, and then the remaining 50% after your 6th session.  For my other two programs, payment is due in full when you book your first coaching session

Take the First Step

You’re here because you know something needs to change in your life. 

If you’re ready to start making changes in your life TODAY, take the first step by booking your Exploration Call with me.