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Tapping into motivation (#1)

Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivators One of the common topics I discuss with my clients is motivation: how to maintain it, how to build it, and how to tap into it when we feel it waning. Motivation is the driving force behind our actions. It… Continue Reading “Tapping into motivation (#1)”

What is Dry January?

For me, taking a month off of drinking actually led me to take another 30 days, and then it turned to 90…and before I knew it I had completely changed my relationship with alcohol. Taking the space from it, learning about how it affects my body and mind, and experiencing the benefits of no booze on a daily basis convinced me that my life was just truly BETTER without alcohol. And I never could have believed this had I not taken that first 30 day break.

You are the Sea, Not the Waves

If we remember we’re the ocean, we won’t be afraid of the waves. Tara Brach In a group coaching discussion, I was asked a question that really dug deep into the private experience of sobriety.  The question was: at the end of the day,… Continue Reading “You are the Sea, Not the Waves”

Part 2: The Neurobiology of Drinking

Part 2: 5 MORE Ways Alcohol Changed My Brain (and is Changing Yours, Too) This is part 2 of a two part blog post. Click here to read Part 1. In early 2019 a very close friend told me she was taking a 30… Continue Reading “Part 2: The Neurobiology of Drinking”

Part 1: 5 Ways Alcohol Changed My Brain (and is Changing Yours, Too)

The effects of alcohol on the brain are well documented and written upon.  But, when I was drinking I absolutely avoided that information.  I was hiding from it, really.  I was terribly afraid of destroying the pretend world of “I’m a normal drinker” and… Continue Reading “Part 1: 5 Ways Alcohol Changed My Brain (and is Changing Yours, Too)”

Traveling, Cravings, and ACT

I learned something new this summer: traveling causes cravings! Especially when you’re stuck with an 8 hour layover with your sleep deprived, jet lagged 3 year old. Airports are highly adept at targeting our baser desires and speaking to our sense of scarcity. The… Continue Reading “Traveling, Cravings, and ACT”