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Alcohol and Sleep

Sleep hasn’t always been my friend, but when I was drinking it was an especially wrought relationship.

Delaying the Pain

It wasn’t until I overcame my drinking habit that I saw how much I was using alcohol to numb difficult emotions and hide away from pain.  When I was in the thick of it, though no one would have known it since I was… Continue Reading “Delaying the Pain”

You are the Sea, Not the Waves

If we remember we’re the ocean, we won’t be afraid of the waves. Tara Brach In a group coaching discussion, I was asked a question that really dug deep into the private experience of sobriety.  The question was: at the end of the day,… Continue Reading “You are the Sea, Not the Waves”

Part 2: The Neurobiology of Drinking

Part 2: 5 MORE Ways Alcohol Changed My Brain (and is Changing Yours, Too) This is part 2 of a two part blog post. Click here to read Part 1. In early 2019 a very close friend told me she was taking a 30… Continue Reading “Part 2: The Neurobiology of Drinking”

Part 1: 5 Ways Alcohol Changed My Brain (and is Changing Yours, Too)

The effects of alcohol on the brain are well documented and written upon.  But, when I was drinking I absolutely avoided that information.  I was hiding from it, really.  I was terribly afraid of destroying the pretend world of “I’m a normal drinker” and… Continue Reading “Part 1: 5 Ways Alcohol Changed My Brain (and is Changing Yours, Too)”

Traveling, Cravings, and ACT

I learned something new this summer: traveling causes cravings! Especially when you’re stuck with an 8 hour layover with your sleep deprived, jet lagged 3 year old. Airports are highly adept at targeting our baser desires and speaking to our sense of scarcity. The… Continue Reading “Traveling, Cravings, and ACT”