Life with a Clear Heart

Do these statements sound familiar?

I drink too much or too often.

I should be able to go a few nights without a drink.

I am stressed out and tired – alcohol helps me cope. 

I should be grateful for my life, my family, and my success, but I feel burnt out, tired, lonely, overwhelmed by responsibility, and not totally fulfilled. 

I believe I have control over my life and yet I don’t treat myself as well as I could or should.

All I have energy for at the end of the workday is a few drinks before bed. I have no energy for my family.

I need more time for myself, but when I take that time I feel guilty for not spending more time with my kids and spouse. 

By the time the weekend comes around, I am too tired to have the energy to do fun things with my family.  All we end up doing it going out to eat, and my spouse and I end up drinking too much. Then I don’t feel good and don’t get enough rest. Then the whole cycle repeats itself.

There has to be a better way.

You’re afraid you’re losing control

You are afraid of one day not being able to keep it all balanced. 

You are afraid that things will start to get out of control. You will not have the energy or desire to meet the many responsibilities on your plate. 

You are afraid that your current use of alcohol may be pointing to a more serious issue, perhaps the development of an addiction.

You are afraid you won’t meet your spouse’s needs and expectations.

You won’t meet your kids’ needs for a loving, connected parent. 

There are days you just can barely muster the strength to focus on them. You’re afraid they’ll see right through you.

You’re afraid that if you can’t keep it all balanced just right, something will fall and then it will all fall apart. 

You will fail as a parent and as an adult. You will fall behind your peers, disappoint your family and worst, yourself.

You can be calm, connected, and clear of mind, heart and spirit

You can wake up feeling rested, happy, and whole.

You can have energy to spend on the whole family, like they deserve.

You are capable of being the very best parent you can be for your kids, to give them the life they deserve.

You can be tremendously successful in your career.

You can find balance in it all and at the end of the day feel that you have met all your responsibilities and are happy with the way your life is going. 

You can have a connected, loving relationship with your spouse and children.

You can spend your time in fulfilling ways – delve into a hobby or contribute to your community. 

You can be happy and comfortable in your own skin.

You can treat your body and mind with care and compassion.

You do not need to be controlled by a substance that you know isn’t good for you.

You do not need to feel like something is missing in life, or that you are constantly trying to catch up.

You can THRIVE living a life in line with your values.

It is not your fault you have lost control

There is nothing wrong with you. You are whole, complete, and perfect. You are capable of reaching your goals and achieving your dreams.

You are an amazing parent. You are intelligent, passionate, loving, driven.

You are not the problem.

The problem is alcohol.

Society wants you to believe that alcohol isn’t the cause of your stress, exhaustion, poor health, and lack of connection with your loved ones.

As parents, we are given every excuse to drink alcohol in the vain hope we can feel better about our lives; to feel less stress, happier, more fun and popular.

You are doing your best with the tools you have been given. But it’s becoming apparent that this tool is no longer serving you.

The truth is this: alcohol only steals from our happiness, health, and connectedness. It keeps us from being the best version of ourselves.

Alcohol is an addictive substance that gets in the way of you achieving your goals and dreams.

Here’s the good news:

You have the power to take back control.

You are powerful.

You are not an addict. You are not broken. You are not powerless.

It is not to late to return to YOU. To reclaim the life you have the right to live. It is never too late.

Because you are a perfect, complete being, you already have the ability to take back control and reclaim your health, happiness, and connection to your family.

As soon as you decide to remove the substance from your life, you take back the power you need to control your urges, cravings, and behaviors.

Alcohol is an addictive, poisonous substance. That is all. No more, no less.

Alcohol steals our health. It ages us, depletes our energy, and takes years from our life.

Alcohol numbs our emotions, making it impossible to feel the full array of the human experience. It darkens our joy, blunts our passion for life, and severs the true love and compassion we have for ourselves and our loved ones.

Alcohol does not make parenting easier. Parenting is never easy. But it is a joyous, beautiful gift. Alcohol steals this gift from us, and makes us feel as though we are carrying a heavy burden.

Alcohol ruins your sleep, steals your beauty, adds weight to your belly, shrinks your brain, and damages your heart.

Alcohol makes you emotional, angry, impulsive, and unstable.

Alcohol wants all your love and attention – the love and attention you would otherwise be giving to your spouse and children. To your career and self.

When alcohol is in your life, there’s no room for anyone else. It comes first.

And yet…it is just a chemical. A highly addictive, absurdly marketed, ubiquitous chemical that masks itself as joy, love, connection, and acceptance. But it’s all a lie.

I help people like you take control of their lives by obliterating their drinking habit.

I do this without making them wage a battle of will power. Without feeling deprived, punished, or judged.

I do this by unveiling for them the truth about alcohol, and by empowering them to identify their beliefs, understand their feelings, and change their behaviors.

In just 30 days you can begin taking back control of your life.

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