Active Imagination Library



We have the power to create a deeply connected, beautiful life

Active imagination is a simple and effective method for connecting with your unconscious mind to bring about deep understandings and realizations about your conscious life. 

Active Imagination is a powerful tool that you can use on your own or through guided practice with your coach.  I have created this page to give you access to pre-recorded visualization techniques that you can use to get started.

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Through Active Imagination you can:


Create a conduit between your conscious and unconscious minds


Discover previously unknown wishes, drives, and aspects of your persona and shadow


Strengthen your intuition


Connect to the Divine within you

A few things to remember:


If you can’t see anything at first, try to relax your mind and just go with the flow


Everyone has the ability to visualize, it may just take practice to feel confident


You are always in control – you can open your eyes at any point in the practice to return to the conscious world

Here’s the best known secret of all…

You will find joy, purpose, and peace when you leave alcohol behind.

Wake up each morning feeling inspired and joyful

Rediscover the joy, awe, and curiosity that fuels an inspired life.

Life isn’t about attaining “happiness.”  It’s about being awake and alive to the FULL range of human emotion.  Alcohol steals our ability to experience this – it numbs us from all of the emotions we are born to feel, and it makes false promises about providing fun, happiness, and connection. 

If you’re here reading this, then you have learned that alcohol is the thief of joy, of the power you have to decide how you experience life.